September Recipients

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Total Applicants To Date 412
Current Applications 33 Current Winner's 11

  Adventurous Site Award
   Treasured Chests - Antique Trunk Restoration, Yours or Ours
 Gerry has done a marvelous job with this site.
 The photographs and displays of old trunk restoration is in a  pleasing and professiona
manner. I was  most interested in the
 way they have lovingly gone about
transforming the old into the new, and 
yet keeping the old.

Poetry Award 
Kimmy's Atheist Site
This site speaks for it self.
The work done here meets the  requirements for our award.

 Creative Award
   2469 (Exeter St. Thomas) Squadron  Air Training Corps
   Chris, We applaud the efforts of yourfine organization, and the
work it is doing with our youth 
today. You have also done a fine
   job in laying out an informative, 
and descriptive site. We thank
you for the visit

 Excellence Award
Lancaster's Laughing Place
Denny has done a fine work of love and compassion On this site. The
pages unfold in a well navigated, moving
  Format. We recommend you visit soon, 
and you too will  Understand!

 Creative Site Award
   Steen's Hjemmeside
      Steen has done a great job with  his graphics and provided
 A lot of interesting areas to visit. 
We have enjoyed our visit.

 Creative Site Award
 reduce road conflict / road rage
   Shaun is bringing a very important 
subject into View here. (Road Rage.)
Take a look and test Yourself.
Have you ever been touched by this
  Dangerous emotion? We thank you
for bringing This to the
attention of us all.

Outstanding Site Award
Blue Heaven Restaurant, Key West Florida
  James has got it going on down in Key West.  His site displays the restaurant, with all its Trimmings. I was 
starving just reading the Menu. 
 Next time I visit; This place I will go.

 Outstanding Site Award
 Eric Shepherdson - Champion Budgerigar Breeder  & Exhibitor
This is a wonderful look at the beautiful birds that Eric has Spent
    so much time and effort with.  His works with applet Effects, is worth
a look at as well. Thanks for 
my visit Eric!

Award Of Excellence
Texas Precancel Club
  John has done an excellent job with the information and Layout on his
         site. The navigation is good and the  Presentation of material is interesting
Thanks for the Visit

Award Of Excellence
A Well designed, look at several 
 Subjects. Hubbard, Scientology, and the
Like are touched on here. Good navigation.
 This was an interesting visit.

 Best Of The Web 2,000
 J's Magic Portfolio
This is a must see site. Jan is quite a webmaster
 With an impressive list of credentials. Her graphics,
    Poetry, site design, and over all prowess has made
    A truly inspiring web site. If you want to learn, employ, Or simply enjoy; I recommend a visit here.