J.J.'s Awards Program 

General Criteria for All Awards
Please Read Carefully!

Statement Of Policy
Personal and Commercial sites are welcomed

Family Safe sites only!

No nudity, pornography, profanity, hate, racism or violence of any kind

Your site must be in English or offer an English version

Sites must be at least 3 pages or more

Content must be your own and not just links to other sites

If you have a Frames site,  offering the option of " no Frames " will increase your chances of winning the Excellent awards.

Navigation. Please make getting around your site clear, and no one way doors.

Graphics and animation's are nice however, please don't over do it.  Graphics with no purpose are a waste of loading time.

If you use graphics made by others, give credit where credit is due.

To be impartial, all sites will be judged by at least two qualified judges. 
They will stick strictly to the policies set forth on the main criteria section of this program.

Not every site that applies will win.  Don't be discouraged, simply go
back and look at the winner's list.

Their sites can be a good building ground in the awards synthesis process.

J.J.'s Poetry Of Courage aligns itself with the basic edicts of Focus Associates.
It is important to build your sites looking to the future.

With the ever increasing number of web sites, it is imperative to set a standard, as a guide on bearer for those web sites that are created with a format of quality, in consistency through continuing
excellence, with high standards, and accreditation.

All work here is the property of J.J. Oakley. Any re-print, or unauthorized use without prior knowledge and consent will be a copy write infringement.

I would like to thank Carolyn : (judge), and web master for providing her time, and talents to help judge these sites. Please visit her site at Words Do Touch The Heart
Thank you for taking time to visit my site, and reading the criteria for the Awards Program.  If you have done your home work, then you are ready to apply. Please allow two weeks to hear from us.
If you have not, then consider making some changes, and re-applying in a couple months. Please make significant changes before you re-submit.

Awards Scoring System

The following system is intact for award Submissions
Design Category: (20 points) Detail Category: (50 points) Judges Latitude: (20 points)
Layout: 5 Spelling: 5 Noteworthy: 5
Navigation: 5 Grammar: 5 Interesting: 5
Esthetics: 5 No Broken Images: 5 Informative: 5
Readability: 5 Formatting: 5 Originality: 5
. Animation's: 5 .
. Graphics: 5 .
. Proper Credit: 5 .
. Music Shut Off: 5 .
. html: 5 .
. Proper Links: 5 .

Web Master's Discretion: (10 points)

This area is left for the web master. In cases of disagreement
between the judges: I retain the right to add additional points
as deemed appropriate.

It is important to read all the criteria presented in the awards 
program. This shows the judges that you are attempting to
comply with requirements set forth, and did not just arbitrarily
submit.  We will know, and your application will be disregarded.
Applicants with a minimal total score of (75) points, will be considered
for an award. You will need to accumulate (90-100) points for the
Excellence citations.

The web master is auditing this program from time to time. Applicants
will be notified as to up-grades and changes in requirements.

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