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Web Masters Award

Chandra's Poetry
High Density  Dyno Woyman Vickie's Place
3 moons  Dyno Woyman Excellence Best Design LBG 
Otakou Johnny Lighting Joschi Award
Starsaber's Hawii City Words Do Touch 
The Critical Mass Southern Nytes Site With Heart
Jewel Of The Web Rhiannon's Excellence Poetic Dreamscape
Gold Award 2000 Pegasus Best Of The Web Poetic Site
French Natural Golden Odyssey's
Triston's World Lindy's World 

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First Ckass Kristen's Great Site Page Of Peace Award
MysticGirl's Execellence Colonel Terry Poetic Site Award
Mary Kay's Home Place Angells Graphics Kathy's Dream Poetry
Gold Medal Penelope Anita's Place Wendy's Best Of The Web
Positive Steps Execellence Excellence Sharon Rose Ruth Ann's Memories
Dream Award The Valentine's Kelley's Award Excellence
Ms Catz Eyes AngelHeart's Execellence Kitten's Award
Beth's Execellence LadyJs Poetic
Word Of Execellence

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Kitten's Outstanding Poetry Sprit Award Stringstuff Poetic
Great Ship Site POWW Award  Msnnis Award 2000
Diamond Award Beautiful Site Award Rod 758 Award 2000
Mother's Of Addicts United Web Master Award Gold Award 
Ice Dreams Random James Web Design CoxImages
Magical Site Award Wendy's Loving Site  Sandpiper's Home
An Old Fashion Girl Simply Poetic Highest Award Of Merit
Kindness Award 2000 The Blue Words Shelly's Home Page
Barbara Tampieri Home

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The Wishing Well Top Site 2000 Award Spiffy Entertainment
Lynx Gold Award PeaceWork Bronze Gadzillion Award
Golden Globe 2000 Award The Beauty And The Beast Vachel's Excellent
Warm Embers Joe's Patriotic Execellence  Lynx Award Of The Month
Grandma's Mesweet's American Patriots
Natasha's Gezebo Silver Award Lancelot Chivarly Award
Shadow Run Artis Hot Site Award Whispers of the Heart

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Graphics By Bogie Smith 35 INet Award
An Arete Wave Award Theatre on a Shoestring Ever Eden Design
Petes Place Helenas-Dreamworld Sugar_31's
Sundsbergets Shaynamaydle's Homepage
Harbeson And Associates Shadow Poetry
The Midnight Writer Krista's Korner
Allison's Velvet Underground  Cutting Edge Bronze