Cathedral In The Clouds
Cathedral In The

To Clammer Admidst The Lofty Heights
Where Scattered Thoughts Arise , Before
our Snow Blind Eyes A Wonderment
On Earth Resides A Majesty That
Few Have Seen Perched So
 High , The Eagle Cannot Fly

Stretched Out Before Your Ice Torn Face
God's Finger Has Created A Place
That Almost Reaches Space
Only The Bravest Soul , And Strongest
Heart Has Ever Seen This Land

To Fisher , Hall, And All The Rest
Like Stalwart Sentinels Stand
They Stay Behind And Bring To Mind,
The Mountain Can Be Unkind

Mt. Everest , You've Claimed The Best ,
And Beckon To The Rest

" Come Forward If You Dare , And With
Reverence You May Share
    The Highest Place Towards God's Face
And There ; Leave No Trace . . . "



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